The Amazing Spider-Man [IMAX] [3D]

The best thing of this reboot is the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Their scenes were easily the best and where Marc Webb directorial sensibilities shine. I would watch these three just alone. Comparisons are inevitable with the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire series. Garfield's Peter Parker presents a more rouge-ish Peter Parker, a geeky rebel, and his innate charisma makes him very much more appealing. The first act may be a bit boring to fans as Webb sets up a new world and re-introduces the origin story, however at least it was done with more heart and logic in exploring Peter's impetus to be a superhero. Also, thankfully we were not weighed down by Daddy issues (clearly a setup for a sequel, stay till the end), but nothing new to add. The second act was fun and more grounded in reality, and as said earlier, Garfield and Stone were simply a pleasure to watch. The lines seemed more adlibbed than written by Vanderbilt. The third act was where the action really started, so people coming in for an action-packed show may have to wait. The action direction was passable, and Webb sensibly used more parkour than relying on CGI. Also, the 3D was really put into good use here for the flying/web-slinging/wall climbing scenes. The villain was typical and his motivation was typically tacked on (just roll with the flow) and was one of the clear weakness of the show; not Rhys Irfan's fault though. Lucky for Vanderbilt, the main cast sold his script better than it actually is worth. Sally Field sure just reminds me of Nora Walker. James Horner score was actually quite effective and better than Danny Elfman's: more superhero-feel and hopeful. Definitely worth it for the IMAX and 3D only the last act. Stay to the end.


  1. erm.. isn't it emma stone?

  2. yup! Apologies, getting confused with all these young starlets! Thanks!


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