Prometheus [IMAX] [3D]

A slow burning sci-fi thriller that is definitely more appealing to true fans of the Alien lore. Multiple throwbacks to the old shows especially the entire first 30 mins. Unfortunately, the script by Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts poses more questions than answering the, and some lines are too cheesy and clunky. Also, the overall structure may be a tad too bloated with self-importance. Sequels are clearly planned. Excellent direction by Ridley Scott with great haunting tension and taut scenes, coupled with gorgeous cinematography and (alien-)landscaping! Noomi Rapace has her moments but she out-Ripley Sigourney Weaver by so much it's beyond suspension of believe (and this film requires a lot of it, i.e. acceptance of future tech). Sadly, at the end of it all, as the lead Noomi still pales significantly to Sigourney. On the other hand, Michael Fassbender was excellent, as usual. His David was a fascinating conundrum and an enigma throughout; brilliantly acted and engaging to watch. The supporting cast was top notch, with the always great Idris Elba, the she-is-so-pretty-you-forgot-she-can-really-act Charlize Theron and the almost unrecognisable Guy Pearce. Pity that the score was unremarkably sad, it lacked the grandeur and hubris of earlier scores. IMAX not necessary but 3D will be good, since it was filmed in 3D anyways!


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