Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery

So much rave about this place, and yet such a disappointment. What do people see in this place? Ordered their pan-fried goat cheese salad and it came as deep fried (see picture, below). Bacon pieces were greasy and rubbery, and whole salad was just too oily. It just all taste so amateurish and sad. And so very expensive. Even their small cup of coffee is more expensive than a medium cup over at Dean & Deluca. On top of all that, the epitome of disappointment was the discrepancy in price on the menu, blackboard and bill for the sirloin steak sandwich and the resultant confusion and poor service. Counter staffs were terribly unhelpful. Basic service/industry etiquette should apply and the established ought to honour the displayed price. It took a ?senior staff to come to our table later to apologise and refund (after a waffling "I see what I can do.").

Verdict: Much better brunches/brekkies can be had elsewhere.

Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery

Contact: 6235 3900

Opening Hours
Daily: 9am - 10.30pm


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