Brave [Digital] [3D]

A classic, Disney Princess cartoon that skews more to the younger and female crowd than the classic Pixar animations. Nonetheless, it was, as expected, gorgeously landscaped and designed to mimic the Scottish highlands. Merida's fiery red curls were amazing! Typical plot about growing up and youth vs. wisdom. Right amount of cuteness to endear to the young ones, but not too childish to alienate the adults. Started out a tad slow but found its footing and rhythm in the second act, and ended with an exhilarating third act. Some genuinely funny and touching scenes that's not too strained. Voice acting was excellent from Andie McDowell and Emma Thompson, although the Scottish accent might take some getting used to. The Scottish score by Patrick Doyle was appropriate but not highly memorable. The short in the beginning was very good. A simple fairy tale that echoes a similar morality as the main feature and accompanied musically by the always excellent Michael Giacchino. Stay till the very end of the credits! 3D not necessary.


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