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Attaching an ex-three Michelin star chef's name to any restaurant definitely raises expectations. Especially so if one had eaten at previous establishment (L'Osier, Tokyo) and actually enjoyed it. Good welcoming by the energetic maitre'D. Lots of staffs milling about. Short, simple menu, but no recommendations by staffs nor any specials. The 'b' burger was excellent. Medium rare and juicy beef patty (though my preference for the meat was not asked). Excellent cheese and lightly caramelised onions. All between soft, buttered buns. The fries, on the other hand, were underwhelming. Perhaps because I just got back from France/Italy where the potatoes were literally to-die-for! Didn't care much for the ?tomato/pesto sauce. Desserts wise the lollipop waffle is a total gimmick: waffle on a wooden chopsticks with 3 sauces to drizzle or dip in. The sundae was terrific though! The caramel version, as recommended, was excellent. Particularly the Chantilly cream. The pearls and crumble added some crunch whilst the caramel here (and even too in the waffle) was not sickeningly sweet or sticky; the correct way caramel should be. Coffee sadly was blah. Price was very reasonable for the quality of food though. Service can be better, water was not topped up voluntarily.

Update (8 Aug 2012): Overpriced "Nice" salad that doesn't even use fresh tuna. Small portion with not enough veg, but at least the tomatoes were fresh. The white wine is generic at best. Messy service at lunch. They even managed to misplace some guy's credit card.

Update (9 May 2013): New menu, new burgers and even a create your own burger choice. The space is now shared with L'entrecote express, but the kitchen is still the same size and the kitchen staffs the same number. Go draw your own conclusions. Fries quantity has dropped, and so has the quality; taste a bit more generic now. The sundaes are not labelled as "handmade" anymore. I made my own burger and the blue cheese should be heated up instead of being left cold on the patty, but otherwise, the patty was still good and juicy, but it might have shrank a bit (or I was just really hungry).

Verdict: Will be back, but skipping the salads.


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