Caveau Wines & Bar

Popped in during lunch time searching for coffee and a light bite, and not really looking for a glass of wine. Intimate, cozy interiors, with a working office at one end of the room. Some people might be impressed by the Enomatic wine dispenser. *shrugs* Light bites (tapas-ish) were only available for dinner, so only a couple of pastries were available for lunch. Unfortunately the chocolate croissant was bad: warm on the outside, cold and hard inside; the almond croissant fared better. The drip (Panama) coffee was actually quite good and reasonably priced as compared to most of the newer "coffee-shops". Sneaked a peek at their wine list, and the wines on offer were "mainly French" (as one sales person quipped to another customer's enquiry). Definitely not the top range, Grand Crus, Premire Crus, Super Tuscanies, but more affordable wine labels and 2nd-label wines.

Verdict: Can come again for coffee, and maybe the tapas at night. But for the top quality wine, look upstairs or down the road instead.


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