Chui Huay Lim (醉花林)

Authentic teochew restaurant helmed by a head chef that hails from swatow. Fine teochew cuisine and technique. The cold crab and lobster was well done. Light and refreshing, and served with a tangy dip. The braised goose was tender and the fats/skin peels off nicely. The accompanying tau kwa was flavourful and soft inside and yet the outside was nice and firm. The abalone with fish maw had a distinctive teochew taste to it. The bee goon was a bit of a let down. It was cooked in a seafood broth, so flavour was there, but the prawns and scallops were not as tasty or fresh as the crustaceans. The orh-ni (芋泥) with pumpkin and ginkgo nuts was smooth and fine. Good for those who love it this way, but I prefer mine a bit chunkier with more yam taste. This one was also a bit too sweet. The other dessert was the fried yam sticks coated with sugar. A traditional teochew dessert that is seldom found in restaurants these days. Simple dish. The sweetness of the refined sugar nicely balances the earthly natural sweetness of the yam.

Verdict: Will eat here again, especially if I have guests who may like Teochew cuisine. A good alternative to Cantonese restaurants.


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