The last time I ate at Jaan, André Chiang was the chef. Julian Royer has now taken over and his cooking is quite promising. Standouts from the 10-course surprise menu includes the mushroom tea with sabayon, organic egg with iberico ham, trumpet mushrooms and peas, black truffle ice cream (a side though), and the main strawberry and cardamon sorbet dessert. Many of the dishes had too many parts in them and it's disjointing to the palate. However, overall it was quite good and impressive but the menu itself lacked a common theme which would have raised the standard, and so ended up a tad schizophrenic. The service here could be better. Food should be served at the same time and held off if not all the guests are at the table; water should be topped up regularly and the type of water (Châteldon, my favourite sparkling water) is expected to be known; the wine menu should be re-offered after the first glass; serving tempo should be regular and equally paced; bread should be offered regularly until the customer officially declined any further.

Verdict: May come back once in a while, but only with the Feed at Raffles card.


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