ParaNorman [Digital] [3D]

An excellent, intelligent, satirical allegory on humanity wrapped in kid-friendly stop-motion and a horror-comedic premise from the creators of "Coraline". It lacked the quirkiness and originality of the latter, but made up for its subtle intelligence and even more amazing animation. Children will like it for its superficiality; adults will get bored of they cannot appreciate the dark satire and social commentary that Chris Butler wove into the plot, dialogues and throwaways. The first act started promising with the first scene but then slowed and dragged; it seemed confused on what it really wanted to be. Fortunately, it found its footing in the second act and became thoroughly enjoyable by the midway point accumulating in an exciting climax. This is more than just a "cartoon" or a zombie flick. Then again, smart writers/authors have always used zombies (and the undeads) as a an allegory to human nature and behaviour. Possibly one of the best Zombie-comedies on par with "Shaun of the Dead" and "Zombieland". 3D not necessary. Stay to the end of credits!


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