The Dark Knight Rises [IMAX]

The best thing about this movie was the score. Followed by the plot.  However, the plot narrative itself was horrendous: plot holes, logic leaps and continuation errors. Also, badly written dialogue and clumsy characterisations. In other words, almost like any other Christopher Nolan movies after Memento (and even Insomnia): big ideas,  big sets, no finesse. One difference though is the lack of outstanding acting. Kudos to some of the cast members who shone: Anne Hathaway was stellar, a refreshing take on a familiar character; Tom Hardy, too, was perfect as Bane, embodying the character's complexities through speech and eyes (man, those back muscles are terrifying!). The oldies were goodies, and always an onscreen pleasure without even doing much: Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a rising star but got to stay out of action for a bit (see: Jeremy Renner). Sadly, Christian Bale and Marion Cottilard both appear to be sleepwalking through the whole show. No effort. No chemistry. What happened to the Bale of The Machinist and American Psycho? What happened to the little sparrow after La Vie En Rose? Come on! Nolan as a director was still top notch. His action scenes were smooth, fluid and gorgeous. IMAX was used brilliantly and very deservedly to be seen as such if able to overlook certain poor aspects as fore-mentioned. Nonetheless, this is the poorest and weakest entry of the saga. Last thing: bravo to Hans Zimmer who has created a fantastic score to rival Inception's: action-thumping, adrenaline-rushing, sadly longing, despairing and hopeful all through the 2hrs 45mins.


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