The Mindy Project

Pilot: One of the few new sitcoms that actually has potential. This FOX vehicle starring Mindy Kaling has a good cast that are not aggravating but actually interesting, funny and charismatic. And it is always nice to see Anna Camp back on TV! Of cos, practically, the depiction of an OBGYN is far from reality, but that's not what we are looking for in escapism television. The pilot moved along smoothly, although some scenes seemed a bit clunky, but hopefully it will all smoothen out in the future. Some laughters but nothing big or really love out loud yet except for the opening sequence. The potential love triangle is set in place with two likable douchebags (Chris Messina and Ed Weeks). This show really does has potential.

Episode 2: Funny show. Smart with genuinely good chuckles. No annoying laugh tracks. Anna Camp was grossly underused (but her scene was a highlight). Ed Weeks was the weakest link here this week. All round outstanding ensemble. But the B and C-plots did not tie in neatly.

Episode 3: Started off the episode a bit disjointed, but tied up rather nicely in the end. Still rather short of laughs, but the word to describe the show thus far is "sweet". It's like a slow-burn rom-com for TV. The romantic entangles are starting to show, and I am a bit apprehensive as to how it should go. So far, it's watchable but still not appointment basis.

Episode 4: Still not very funny. A lot of sniggering kind of laughters but nothing laugh out loud except for one last laugh near the end. Anna Camp needs to do more, rather than just the straight friend to Mindy over the phone. It may be better if they have more interactions with the whole cast rather than disparate story lines. Danny and Jeremy has a good bromance that can be further developed.

Episode 5: Unfortunately, not that funny still. Some "heh" and some "ha", but nothing loud and boisterous. Generally more uncomfortable than funny. Poor Anna Camp needs to jump camp. Will continue watching with the hope of it improving.

Update (23 March 2013): Ok, I gave it many chances. Even with the revamp this show still is painful and annoying to watch. Sadly, I am done with it. It is just not that funny at all.

Update (12 Sept 2013): Watched the first episode of the second season. Started promising with a good laugh, but sadly was just so bad thereafter. Only the chemistry between Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling was enjoyable. Morgan is just as annoying, Ed Weeks is just a poor sod. Ridiculous storylines. Sadly, not even James Franco and his "gay face" could save this wreck.


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