Arteastiq Lite

Cozy, chill place at Mandarin Gallery. Nice comfy furniture designed by Marxx with lotsa glass, but that may be too warm if sunny. The last two decades saw the advent of coffee culture in Singapore and it looks like premium tea culture is creeping into our shores. Keyword being premium. A wide range of tea-based menu with hot, cold, dessert and alcohol drinks. But honestly nothing special about it. Tea presentation is where most of the money goes to. Had the ginger ginseng tea which comes in a pot and with some biscuits and tea-pastry. At least there's free water refill for the tea and friendly service. Acceptable quality, but nothing to wow about. The tea set for 2 comes with a pastry tower with bite size hors d'Oeuvres that tasted basic. The food menu was also minimal and many items were unavailable.

Verdict: Definitely just a place to chill with friends, and nothing else.


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