A tedious, pseudo-intellectual flick that tried to integrate two genres into single film. The time-travelling bit can give you a damn headache if you think too much about it; the second bit was so heavily foreshadowed it was a roll-eyed moment. I kept hoping it'd "better" than that. The make-up for Joseph Gordon-Lewitt was amazing. He really looked and affected Bruce Willis almost to a T. But sadly neither himself or the usually brilliant Emily Blunt could save Rian Johnson from ruining an interesting premise. Pity though, simce Johnson brought us two brilliant gems in the past: "Brick" and "The Brothets Bloom". This movie touched on so many promising themes (redemption, nature vs nurture, choices, family vs self, self vs others, etc) but most of it were just soft caresses rather than a full blown body assaults. Granted, at least Johnson was not overtly explicit about any of them. However, just pick one or two and run with it! Also partly to blame was the casting director: both leads had no chemistry at all. They were good on their own but together it felt flat. Gordon-Lewitt spent more time emulating Bruce Willis' expressions than actually emoting and realising his character. Willis on the other hand just re-inhabited his John McClane persona throughout. And poor Blunt, with her fleeting British accent, did the best she could of her thankless role. A waste of an interesting concept.


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