Tucked away in a nondescript corner of the top floor of Ion is a Japanese-pseudoKorean BBQ place. Supposedly famed for their beef. Going through the entrance, climb up a flight of stairs, and you arrived at the fifth floor (so you could actually get in via the carpark instead) with a view that over looks Orchard Road. +Plus One for view and ambience. We had the premium beef set lunch that was $95/pax. Firstly, it came with about 2 servings each of Ox tongue, shank, tenderloin cubes and sukiyaki slices, squid and scallops. Secondly, the marbling was divine. You can choose to BBQ yourself or have the staff do it for you. We did the work ourselves which was half the fun, especially hearing the fats melt and sizzle in the fire. Worth the price if you love wagyu is hard to find such gems in Singapore. The portion is not going to be very filling, but for these kind of food, it is best to be just right rather than stuffed. Besides, the set came with a 5-item appetiser (which was disappointing), a raw salad, a steamed salad, rice, soup, coffee, 3 sides of kimchi (not great!) and 3 sauces (soy, salt & peanut; most of the meat were great unadulterated or with a touch of salt/peanut). Importantly, dessert was provided, and interestingly, they served us 3 different desserts for the 3 diners. I had the creme brulee and tiramisu: the former was not bad, with vanilla beans and ?pistachio or chestnut, but the custard was too warm with the sugar glaze too thick; the tiramisu was alright with a slight hint of alcohol and coffee but too much sponge.

Verdict: Can come again for lunch sets if I ever have premium wagyu craving. Did not look at the full a la carte menu properly, but looked expensive. Good view!

Note: Apologies no photographs for this makan time!


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