Episode 1, "Pilot": Now, this is an ace show! Possibly the best new series of the season. Hopefully this ABC drama can keep up the rhythm and energy throughout. Excellent acting by Connie Britton, who has a shot at joining Juliana Marguiles to represent network TV's women in the Emmys next year. Even Hayden Panettiere, who was more annoying than anything else in "Hero", was actually well cast in her role. The tension between both ladies felt real and intense, and makes for an interesting combination. Then of course are the supporting actors. I do not really know them well but thus far they all  seemed to have identified well with their characters and none of them appeared too stiff or unnatural. Power Booths as the patriarche of the family simply oozed evilness on the screen, but his scenes regarding the political aspects of the show with his son-in-law played by Eric Close (reminds me of an older James Wolk) were the dullest part of the episode. Let's hope it gets better. Lastly, of course, like any other shows, you need the young romantic subplot. Which in this case, gave us possibly the best song of the night. But otherwise, Scarlett, Gunnar and Avery, hope you guys do not take up too much screen time per episode. Britton is an under-rated gem!

Episode 2, "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You): Excellent chemistry between Connie Britton and Charles Esten. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the younger couple they are trying to sell to us. Gosh, that triangle is so uninteresting. Hayden Panettiere is really shining in this role, but sadly, it does not say much about her ability to act, since her last scene is not very convincing. The politics still feel a bit tacked onto the country music side, although Power Boothes simply exudes evilness. I get chills just looking at him. Really intrigue! I am sold on this show, and this is only the second episode!

Episode 3, "Some Day You'll Call My Name": Now this show knows about character development. From Evil Daddy to Juliette to Teddy, these characters are showing a different side to them. Juliette's mother gives her some depth which Panettiere can sometime sell it, but at least, although the character is a bitch, she is more tolerable here than in "Hero". And it looks like more meaty scenes are upcoming for Panettiere. On the other side, unfortunately, as good an actor Britton and Esten are, their characters need to move forward more instead of just talking around and hovering around the same spot. The young lovers are annoying. That love triangle needs to be resolved ASAP. Only 1 new song tonight not too bad, but sounds similar-ish to their previous duet.

Episode 4, "We Live in Two Different Worlds": A Juliette-centric episode, with a rather realistic portrayal of celebrity crime, ego, and the truth behind the facade. Panettiere managed to translate some of the complexity of her character which makes Juliette not such a big a bitch as previously. Thankfully, the young lovers have more of a development and break off the triangle for the time being. Looks like Teddy had been a bad, bad boy with some skeletons in his closet. However, the political storyline still does not flow as smoothly with the rest of the plot. Rayna and Deacon are still dancing round and round to the same tune with inscrutable, vague dialogue exchange.

Episode 5, "Move It On Over": Teddy's affair and/or corruption case is getting boring, so thankfully it is more or less resolved for now, but it sure as hell is going to come back and bite his arse. But, man! Power Boothes sure is evil! He and Robert Patrick of "Last Resort" are gunning for Supporting Actors nods. Juliette's storyline is actually the most interesting one now, Rayna's on the other hand is stagnating. For the young lovers, boring and annoying still.

Episode 6, "You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)": Rayna has the most boring storyline. What a pity for Britton who is supposedly the headliner. Juliette's new direction with the choirboy-quarterback is actually quite cute, and they two have chemistry which I would love to see more of. And hopefully a new side to Juliette. The political storyline takes up the bulk in this episode, and it really isn't that interesting. Why did Coleman not throw out the pills? Is there even 7 pills left (which was so heavily emphasised on the last episode)? His wife reminds me of Sherry Palmer from the first two seasons of "24". Scarlett finally dumped Avery which I hope it lasts. But I must say, Avery's song was strangely addictive in a country-rock sorta way. Perhaps laying the foundation for Rayna's sound.

Episode 7: Gosh! The political storyline is so boring! Britton needs a meatier role in her own headlined show. Though now that Rayna's and Juliette's threads have collided spectacularly it's getting more interesting. And Juliette's romance with the footballer is actually quite sweet. That last duet was a killer!!

Season 2, Episode 1, "I Fall to Pieces": Hopefully the political lines falls apart, and now that Power Boothes is a recurring actor, maybe so will the family business intrigue. But, from the ending, it looks like the family personal intrigues will continue. Ted and Peggy are still just as annoying. At least it looks like Juliette has grown up a bit, or not. Please end the whole Gunnar-Avery-Scarlett triangle. Let one of them grow up.


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