Taken 2 [Dig]

A competent sequel that is watchable but lacked the high octane energy of the first one. The stakes just seemed lower even though the whole family is involved. Perhaps because the plot was more straightforward this time round. Liam Neeson was commanding again, sadly no meme-worthy soundbites this outing. Hard to imagine Famke Janssen as a damsel in distress, she just can't lose the femme fatale image after X-Men and Nip/Tuck. Maggie Grace = pretty, acting improving, but no Milla Jovovich (you hear that, Luc Besson?). Directing by Olivier Megaton was similar to the first outing: lots of quick cuts, but some of the action appeared too messy this time. One good fight scene in the hamam,, but nothing tops the one by Viggo Mortenson in "Eastern Promises"


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