Episode 1, "Pilot": One thing you can surely depend on for any CW show is the cast are definitely good lookers. Arrow does not disappoint in this aspect, with the handsome and charismatic, if still a bit stiff, Stephen Amell, and the pretty Katie Cassidy in the lead. They are supported by a cast of good looking young and slightly older adults including Susanna Thompson (from the oldie, but goodie "Once and Again") and Paul Blackthorne (Harry Dresden from "The Dresden Files"). Of course, with creators/EP Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim at the helm, this series has a lot of potential. As expected in a Pilot, the exposition was heavy, but at least it laid the threads for a larger conspiracy, some interesting potential character developments, and an interesting visual style. The Pilot was well executed and definitely hooks you in for more. For comic book fans, this has a potential for continual viewing. Although, the voice-over, though excellent in "Everwood", is a bit annoying here, and disrupts the pace of the show. As is the clunky dialogue.

Episode 2, "Honor Thy Father": Stylised show, but the VO got to go unless they really work harder on the dialogue. I understand it's supposed to imitate a comic and this is on CW where the target audience is younger, but seriously, the dialogue needs work. Diggle is turning out to be the most likeable character of the show. As a Hero, Green Arrow is sure killing a lot of people. And, by gosh, the mandarin in this show sucks (even Kelly Hu's!). Not much to say about the plot, typical Robin Hood-esque stuff. The conspiracy slowly inching forward. The island past gets interesting. The VO should really just be used to bookend the the episode.

Episode 3, "Lone Gunmen": Seriously, Oliver Queen's morality has gone apeshit. Character development arc! Not too bad and we are only in the third episode. Again, the damn VOs are killing it. I think I know what is irking me about them. The discordant between the tone of the VOs and Amell's face/"acting". Thea is getting annoying. She needs something more to do than just the bratty sister. Finally someone on the show that speaks better Mandarin. Interestingly, the hero-reveal is a bit sooner than expected. But at least these two have some chemistry.

Episode 4, "An Innocent Man": How does Oliver Queen even know the strange man is speaking Mandarin?? Actually, this ditching of bodyguards and constant rotation could be made into a rather amusing running gag. Also, they should really stop making Detective Lance appear so incompetent, though his storyline seemed to be getting interesting. Will he be Green Arrow's inside man? 4 episodes in and I am now more interested in the family conspiracy and Walter is starting to be intriguing. And finally, John Barrowman appears (pity no more Captain Jack Harkness) with cryptic warnings of "the list".

Episode 5, "Damaged": This episodes throws more questions than answers. Minor character development for Oliver, but major reveal for Moira. Who is she? What other secrets does she have? Also, hopefully Barrowman gets more to do than just making threats. Hopefully Walter stays around more, I am just getting warmed up to his character. One good thing is the VO is only in the start, and at the end we have Diggle - as the voice of reason/conscience - talking to Oliver instead over a montage.

Episode 6, "Legacies": 6 episodes in and we have yet to glimpsed the "Big Bad". There needs to be an overarching mythology to make it more interesting. The familial conspiracy died down. No Big Bad. This is becoming a regular superhero outing. At least the supporting characters got a bit of development, but otherwise, not much happening here this round.

Update (20 Dec 2012): I kinda stop caring about this show. Not much impetus to actually follow the exploits of Oliver Green, regardless of how rip his body is. Even the introduction of the Huntress did nothing to excite me, although the news of Seth Gable joining the cast is truly exciting, the producers should have introduced him earlier. Instead, now he seemed like a last minute attempt to get the fanboys (and girls) to watch the show. News of John Barrowman being the second archer is intriguing, but Jack Harkness he is not.


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