Rise of The Guardians [3D]

An entertaining, fun cartoon that will surely appeal to the children. Adults who do not mind escaping into their childhood fantasy will also find it to be a rather good way to spend 90mins or so. 3D definitely is an added bonus and should enhance the enjoyment. With Guillermo del Toro as one of the producers, there is some expectations for this animation. It was short and sharp, well-paced with a root-able hero(es) and a despise-able villain. It seemed a trend these days in animations to have cute, lovable, and memorable bit characters, and this one too does not disappoint. The most memorable characters are actually the ones that have no dialogue and main purpose is to incite sniggers, chuckles and a smile. It may appear slightly too messy and schizophrenic at times, and the cacophony of colours may be over-dazzling, but nonetheless, the animation was still excellent. The plot was simple and starts in media res, with little background provided, but that's not necessary since target audience are the young 'uns. Sure, objectively and logically there are some gaps, but for a fantasy animation like this, reality is meant to be checked at the entrance and the audience just got to let go and enjoy the ride. A very excellent score by Alexandre Desplat and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra which added layers to the ambience and elevated the scenes. Stay back for the credits for a short epilogue.


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