We Need to Talk About Kevin [Blu-Ray]

A totally dark drama that was a showcase for the finely nuanced and intense acting of the very under-rated Tilda Swinton. It was a story that was excellently told. The non-chronological storyline revealed glimpses of the end-game and although the viewer can guess what will/had happened, they never really know if it was true till the end. There was minimal dialogue in this show, and it all relied on the abilities of Swinton and the reliable John C Reily to tell the audience this story. Although it has many cliches throughout in trying to explain the motives of Kevin, we can see it as Eva trying to rationalise within herself why he had done what he did through what society has always been blaming bad/sociopathic behavior on. Similarly, it also falls upon us, the audience, to reflect whether the sins of the child should be repaid by the parent(s); or even whether the sins of the parent(s) should be repaid by the child. We experience Eva's anguish on trying to re-council whether her son's actions are her fault. Was she a bad mother? It aimed to deliberate on the age old question of: Nature vs Nurture. And throughout,  Swinton was amazing in translating on the complex emotions and turmoil onto the big screen. The ending was a tad too "Hollywood" but it did give her closure. This is clearly a Mother's journey but it would have been interesting if other POV's were given: the father's? Kevin's? But I guess her view is the strongest and most important because she is the one that is left behind.


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