Michael Haneke's Palme d'Or winner is a fantastic, emotional and hauntingly beautiful depressing triumph. A horrific love story that was so harrowingly and nakedly presented that it touched the soul deep and raw. Utmost kudos and respect to Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louis Trintignant who without them, even with Haneke's superb script and directing, this movie would have been nothing. In particular, Riva was astounding! Her portrayal of Anne is so utterly convincing , I could feel her pain, her shame, her love her pride and her despair. Trintignant was brilliant in his stoic and ultimately desperate role. His paradoxical feelings of love translates through his face and actions (and inactions). Haneke chose no music and every scene was shot long and wide. The audience are forced to be part of the scene and the onscreen action, and not as an independent observer. This was underscored in the first scene and is crucial to the film's experiential success. As was the lack of a score/soundtrack throughout, which just leaves us with haunting images that scars our memories (similarly, Life itself does not have a omnipresent OST). Ultimately, Haneke's simple script was brought to life by his brilliant directing and the two astounding and breath-taking stars.


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