Dolcetto by Basilico

The pastry and light lunch arm of Basilico at the ground floor of Regent Singapore. Limited seats at the lobby space in front of the shop, airy, naturally lit (on a sunny day) and relaxed hotel lobby atmosphere. Not cheap, but not too ex, as expected of a 5-star hotel lobby cafe. The wagyu beef panini was good: juicy and tender beef in a nice, fresh ciabatta filled with fresh vegetables. The highlight were the desserts/pastries. The lemon tart was well made: tart filling with a crumbly crusts, may be better with a nice meringue cap; the ricotta and vanilla cheesecake was good too, rich, soft cake but kinda lacked the vanilla oomph. The almond cookies were really good with a raspberry filling. The expresso baccio was so-so, unremarkable and the pistachio pastry was not bad, but also not very memorable. They serve decent coffee and Italian retro sodas.

Verdict: Will come back for a chillax lunch/tea especially if I'm in the area.


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