The Sessions

A wry and occasionally sardonic look at love with a great, performance-of-a-lifetime portrayal by John Hawkes, and an Oscar-nominated, natural (in more ways than one) showcase by Helen Hunt...and her breasts (truly, they appear so often they ought to be nominated alongside her!). William H Macy does his usual sardonic character and his banter with Hawkes provide some of the comedic highlights of the movie. Having said that, it really is the banter (and hence, the script), as delivered and expressed by Hawkes, that are the real gems of the show. They save it from an uneven pacing and eventual repetitiveness (there's only that many times seeing Hunt naked and her breasts will titillate). This is "The 40 Year Old Virgin" for the serious adult audience although occasionally Ben Lewin comes across as trying too hard and sometimes loses focus on what he really want to depict.


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