A powerful, brave performance by Denzel Washington in a harrowing and sobering movie about addiction and morality. The first 15 minutes alone is worth the price of admission and the movie as a whole world have been ace if not for that rather lame and disappointing ending. That first fifteen minutes is easily one of the best action sequences in recent memory and it could possibly be also because I have an intense phobia of flying. That and a couple of ingenious shots by Robert Zemeckis made the movie interesting throughout. But it really is Washington's performance that anchors this film over its rather long playing time. John Goodman's character is also another scene stealer and his brief appearances are always a delight! The rest of the cast are unfortunately overshadowed and barely made much of a lasting impression even Melissa Leo and Don Cheadle. If the movie, Zemeckis and screenwriter Gatins could have boldly embraced the concept of the anti-hero and follow through it all the way to the end, this would have been a terrific, way above par movie. TV has led the way jn embracing the Anti-Hero but seldom do big budget Hollywood films do so. Pity. A waste.


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