Dark Skies

Went in to the show with really low expectations. Was just in the mood to watch a "silly horror movie" and this had Keri Russell going for it. The producers (from "Paranormal activity" and "Insidious") helped too. Came out of it feeling rather entertained and rather enjoyed the show. Kudos to writer and director Scott Stewart on delivering a sci-fi, horror thriller that was sufficiently suspenseful and mysterious, albeit with predictable plot points and generic storyline. It really wasn't very horrific and had very few scares. But there was one or two genuinely good ones! The first act laid the foundation of the mystery and was well executed to make it interesting; second act laid on the mysteries and unexplained activities, but again nothing unique though thankfully it laid off the cliche the-parent-is-psycho-and-is-imagining-everything angle. The last act was quite satisfying though the climax didn't pack enough oomph. One of the success of this show is the acting and chemistry of Russell and Josh Hamilton and their characters are not too moronic (other than the usual horror standards). Also the emotions portrayed were rather authentic which made the penultimate sequence quite touching. The creepy, scratchy score by Joseph Bishara definitely added to the pervading sense of dread/creep.


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