Oblivion [IMAX]

A very decent and PG sci-fi thriller with gorgeous cinematography, some really good action sets and decent acting. The biggest problem is that the plot is very predictable, which then leads to a conundrum. The predictability caused the pacing to be rather trying although the movie is barely 2 hours long. Joseph Kosinski did a decent job translating his graphic novel to the big screen and some set pieces were really well done. But instead of a traditional 3-Act structure, this movie is really more a 5-Act experience, so you'd be forgiven if you thought the movie is 3 hours long since each Act was rather slow/predictable. However, the Prologue and the world-building in the first Act was very well done and essential! Do not be late!! It really set the tone and integrate the audience into this Brave New World. Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise and he just oozes charisma. And it really is that undeniable screen charisma, all-American hero persona that really carries us through. The two female (supporting) leads are really there for Cruise to act opposite, but at least there were some chemistry. Andrea Riseborough definitely had the more complex role and I think she did quite well. Olga Karylenko is pretty but is the weaker actress here but her character is central to the plot. God aka Morgan Freeman had a very godlike entrance which was just so tongue-in-cheek, but again he was nothing more than a narrative, exposition device. Jaime Lannis...hmmm...Nikolai Coster-Waldau I mean is also just another token human cast, but the juxtaposition of him towering opposite Tom Cruise was unintentionally funny. This is really a one man show and about one man's journey. Possibly the only other substantial character is Melissa Leo's Sally. The best part of the movie is really Claudio Miranda's (last seen winning an Oscar for "Life of Pi") lensing. Really pretty, gorgeous landscaping and images. The images are really powerful. One standout was the Space Odyssey nod at the end. The score by France's M83 was also appropriately epic and heroic, in particular for the final climax. Between this and "Prometheus", I really want to go to Iceland!


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