An Argentinian parrilla restaurant in Tanjong Pagar that has been around for quite a bit. A pity there was no Pentagonian lamb on the menu. That's be perfect! Service was prompt and polite, and wait staff could recommend dishes and knew the differences between the cuts of meat. Sadly, they were not aware that the lobsters were out before we placed our order. The complimentary bread was served with a beef pâté which could be a bit overwhelming for some people. Thereafter, the starters took fifteens minutes to arrive. The Saltoast (a house special) was the best dish of the night. A crispy, well grilled and tasty garlic bread with a hint of anchovies to give it that extra bite. The sausages (beef, pork, ?spicy/cheese), on the other hand, was unspectacular. They were juicy and meaty but a tad too oily and bland. The need arrived shortly after they cleared the starters. Unfortunately, it was cold. Left out too long after preparation? Nonetheless, it was rather well cooked. I had the rib eye in medium rare which was prepared medium rare but was a bit too "veiny". Some coarse salt as flavouring, but the blue cheese butter did help to bring out more flavour. The meat itself was ok, but not the best beef. It kind of lacked that extra oomph. The tenderloin was better but a bit too lean. The sides of sweet potato fries and grilled vegetables were standard stuffs. Similarly, just a bit too much oil. Together with 2 glasses of Malbec, the total was not too expensive. Ambience of the place was really casual and bright, so a good place to gather with friends for a chat.

Verdict: Acceptable quality and size of steak for this price range ($35-40/steak), can come back if friends are looking for an affordable steak house.


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