Evil Dead

Whedon's and Goddard's "The Cabin in the Woods" has totally ruined all subsequent cabin-in-the-woods horror genre movie for me. And this has the added pressure of following up to Raimi's cult classic. The concept is still the same and perhaps the effects here are a bit more updated, but at least there are enough differences here to keep fans of the original interested. Although it did not reach the cult greatness of Raimi's film, this was still an entertaining B-grade horror movie that was not truly scary nor campy enough. It seemed to be wanting to be more, but had it embraced its real genre it would have been better. There were some good scenes, some good setup, but in the end it bordered on the latest trope of torture-porn, with gratuitous amount of blood and gore aimed at the modern ?youth audience (at least when Whedon/Goddard employed copious amount of blood - the elevator scene - it was done for humour). And it is also the ridiculousness of some of these gore-fest scenes that ended up being  funny (to me, at least). None of the performances were really memorable but if Jane Levy was really the one under all that makeup, then kudos to her for giving some creepy stares and postures. The twist at the end was not really a twist if you paid attention to the thin plot. Stay till the end of the credits for a little bonus for fans of the original "The Evil Dead".


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