Under The Dome

Pilot: The book has always intrigued me but I just never had the time to read it. Fortunately, the power duo of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King has brought the book to its CBS premiere. However, despite the very fascinating premise, some interesting plot threads (in particular: What is the Dome? Who is Barbie? Why Chester Mill? Why are some of the kids seizing up and what exactly are they sprouting?) but like most King novels, there are too many distracting stories that may or may not link back to the A-plot. Cast wise, that creepy Junior is really creepy and freaky and not in a good way. But at least we have Vogel and Fahey. The other cast members are kind of dead blocks at the moment, although it looks like the young ones (Joe and Norrie) seem to be having the more interesting sci-fi storyline. Not sure, if I will continue watching this series. Maybe it will be faster and better if I just read the book. Let's see how next week will be like. I really dig that bisected cow though! More sci-fi less soap drama, please.

Episode 2, "The Fire": This show is really silly. I love the sci-fi element of it, the mystery of the dome, but many of the characters are just plain annoying especially that psycho Junior. His storyline, coupled with Alexander Koch's OTT acting, is just frustratingly juvenile. Then there's Angie, Britt Robertson, who for someone that seemed smart in the pilot, is just making stupid choices. She could have so easily manipulate Junior and gotten herself out. Also, that other deputy is just winding down to hysterical paranoia out of the blue, it's like small-town-panic-by-the-numbers. And they killed Fahey! One less person worth it to watch. Thankfully, Barbie/Vogel is still interesting and looks like he is going to be a clear cut, albeit conflicted, hero. Jim/Norris seemed poised to be the anti-villain (similar in concept to the anti-hero) of the series, and he sure does a mean "evil eye stare". So what is Chester Mill hiding? Linda/Martinez and Julia/Lefevre are still rather blank states with not much of a distinguished characterisations. Joe/Ford is sure one helluva smart kid and really goes against the buck of the usual sci-fi kid/annoyance.


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