A rousing, exciting historical drama/biopic that was superbly directed, well acted, gorgeously shot and brilliantly scored with a great script. Kudos to the whole team! Ron Howard has not made such a good movie in a long time! The POV switches between the two male leads seamlessly and the audience is brought through their stories effortlessly, allowing us to empathise, and even sympathise, with them through their triumphs, trials and tribulations. Of course, this will also not be possible if without the two lead actors. Sorry, but Daniel Brühl is really more a co-lead than supporting actor here, but he might just submit himself for the Best Supporting Actor as individually they both lack sufficient meat to wing a Best Actor. Chris Hemsworth finally gets to show off his acting chopes, and credit to Howard for not obsessing over his handsome mug. Contrarily, he might have over compensate with the frequent shots of ratty Brühl. Anyways, Hemsworth gave an applaudable performance as the playboy risk taker with the childlike insecurity beneath that macho bravado. However he was outshone by Brühl who created a detestable hero that we inevitably root for but then end up torn between him and Hemsworth's character.  Writer Peter Morgan deserves much credit too for interweaving the biopics of 2 characters and not skimming on the characterisations or complexities of either. He has always been a great character writer. Olivide Wilde looked great, one of the best I have seen her; Natalie Dormer was too brief; and Alexandra Mara Lara was a breath of fresh air as a departure from the standard Hollywood "beauty" and she can act! Cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle has frames multiple gorgeous imageries, usually at the start of the important races. He and Howard has given us a gorgeous sport film unlike any others before this, and coupled with a distinctively Hans Zimmer cello-riched, bass-heavy score that never overwhelmed but heightened the emotional mood, I will not be surprised to see this show getting some recognition come Oscar time.


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