Disclaimer: I don't watch Girls.

Episode 1, "Looking For Now": A look into the modern day singles in San Francisco filled with pop-culture references and lexicons like "OKCupid", "Facebook" and "Instagram". They being gay is absolutely irrelevant. As a series premiere episode, this was unique in that we just drop straight into their lives. There were no exposition-heavy introductions to load us down. Jonathan Groff is a pleasant character surrogate to this world, and his sweet, innocent baby-face makes us easy to feel for him and his quest for love. The other two leads Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett are at the moment not interesting enough yet especially when their narrative threads are so predictable and cliche.

Episode 2, "Looking For Uncut": The instagram filter like look continues as we proceed to be the fly-on-the-wall of these 3 men. Groff swings from irritatingly naive to winsomely innocent. But at the end of it all, nothing really much happens. No big revelations or epiphanies, but just 3 friends chugging along life and finding their way around it.

Episode 3, "Looking at Your Browser History": An improvement in quality in terms of characterisation and plot development. A much better thematic backbone about looking for your own identity. Each of the 3 main casts finally get some sort of conflict that they need to overcome, although Groff, as the lead character, just seems to be still looking for love. Well. Russell Tovey is in the house, and adding a British star is always fun and Lauren Weedman is the true breakout here. She has been given best lines/moments of the episodes she's in and she has been consistently funny too.


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