Disclaimer: Huge The X-Files fan here and an even bigger fan of Gillian Anderson! She's been on a roll recently coming back onto our small screens with The Fall and Hannibal.

Pilot: Very intrigued as to why would Gillian Anderson sign on to this gig, so that was a big driving factor to check this out. As suspiciously similar as the plot sounds to the very disappointing Hostages. Unfortunately, the whole pilot had a been that, done that feel throughout. Even the "twists" were all expected. Anderson's acting is definitely heads and shoulders above the rest of the cast, and poor Rachel Nichols is as unspectacular here as she was in 666 Park Avenue and acting primarily opposite Scully is a daunting task. Mads Mikkelsen was a worthy adversary for her. Dermot Mulroney is as unconvincing as Dylan McDermott as similar sounding as their names are as the conflicted mastermind. Then we have the annoying teenagers! How hard is it to have good un-angsty teens? Sigh. I might just watch a couple more episodes to see how the story unfolds. Can Anderson be sufficient a draw to watch through the whole season?

Episode 2: I can't even be bothered to find out the exact title of this episode and I only finally watched it a week after it aired. Even then, I stopped halfway to watch The Good Wife. The plot is just ridiculous, we don't really care about the hostages, and there is vaguely any sense of a purpose is this whole setup. Poor Gillian Anderson is so wasted here! I sincerely doubt she can tide me over the whole series.


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