Dee Dee Bridgewater (Mosaic Festival, Singapore)

An amazing, live performance by the consummate Ms. Bridgewater. She has never disappointed in terms of live, on-stage performances. This was a night of real, New Orleans Jazz, none of that contemporary pop-jazz that most people seemed to like.

My first show of hers was when back in 2005, in a smoky little jazz bar in NYC. Very intimate setting, just a couple of tables, and Dee Dee on stage with her band serenading the audience with new and old classics. I was smitten.

I then caught her again back in 2008 in Japan's famous Blue Note Tokyo over dinner and drinks. A bigger venue, but she was no less charismatic and enchanting. But perhaps the language barrier reduced the flow of conversation between her and the audience.

Anyways, this was an amazing night! It took a while - bout 3 songs in - before the audience warmed up. "Them Brown Eyes" was the one that really broke the ice. Dee Dee was an engaging performer, with the right amount of banter and self-deprecation and saltines which at times does seemed a bit rehearsed. Nonetheless, it was entertaining. But of course the star was her impeccable voice accompanied by her wonderful quartet. That smooth silky voice with her incomparable scatting, relaxing and uplifting to the soul.

We got an encore from her, then a rather unexpected unplugged rendition of "Amazing Grace before she really bowed out finally.

Wonderful night!

Can't wait for my fourth concert with her.


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