Mister John

A little indie-show that felt a bit disconcerting for a Singaporean to watch especially since at times it did not feel like I am watching the Singapore that I know on screen. Nonetheless, Little Finger...I mean Petyr Baelish...Aidan Gillen was great as we followed him through his journey of lost. And as depressing as that journey was to watch Gillen nailed it as the strangeness of this new land and its people come into conflict and strangely also complements the turmoils of his own personal life. Local actress Zoe Tay shone in her role as the widow and she should be proud of the performance that she gave - possibly her best in a long, long time. The biggest problem for the movie, from a Singaporean point of view, is how disjointing it actually felt to hear Irish-lilted English against a Singaporean-accented one, and how some scenes were not even in English. In addition, the depiction of Singapore felt jarring and not as authentic to a foreign viewer, not that its shady or seedy, but the settings were all rather left-field.


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