The Other Woman

A silly, frothy rom-com that was loads of fun, filled with genuine laugh out loud moments with comedic gold from Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, especially the former. A great movie to enjoy, with the silliness and frothiness in mind, with friends of similar tastes. Pity that most of the funny bits were shown in the trailers (which is why I almost always never watch trailers), but there were still some gems that they kept away. There was even something for the boys with Kate Upton, although her anti-gravity shoot for swimwear illustrated was a lot more impressive.

Diaz has a gift for comedy. Especially physical comedy. She really anchored the comedic side of the movie. Mann started off annoying but towards the second act, she found her groove with Diaz and this is a duo that I would really love to see again.

Kate Upton is just so pretty. As is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. But at least Coster-Waldau could really act and who knew Jaime Lannister has such comedic chops.

An unabashed rom-com that has elements both for chicks and the guys, but the "com"-part was definitely a lot stronger than most others.

"Selfish people live longer." - Nicki Minaj


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