Rosemary's Baby (NBC Miniseries Event)

Part 1: Why this miniseries was commissioned, beyond having Zoe Saldana parading around in her underwear, is even more mysterious than the storyline itself. At its best, it was just slightly better than the ill-fated 666 Park Avenue; at its worse, it's practically unwatchable. This is a very, very far cry from the seminal horror classic that Roman Polanski and Ira Levin gave us back in 1968. That movie terrified the audience with its sheer psychological terror in just over 2 hours. But this mini-series was just scaring me to boredom throughout its 2 hours. So many things wrong with it: from the heavy handed directing by Agnieszka Holland, the contrived and messy screenplay written by Scott Abbott and James Wong, to the mismatched pairing of Saldana and the poorly-cast Patrick J. Adams. But there are one or two things going for it: the setting in Paris makes for a gorgeous backdrop, as are the additions of Jason Isaacs and Carole Bouquet as the evil Castevets (yes, this series does not hide that fact at all, everything is very clear cut). Saldana portrays Rosemary with a stronger, harder edge, but for this show to work, Rosemary has got to have that child-like naivete that made her such a sympathetic protagonist. And that was something Mia Farrow epitomised. Likely will catch the conclusion just to see if they will change the ending (sacrilegious!).

Part 2: This remake really has no business being made. They did not even take any risk with the ending at all. Long, bloated, tedious and poorly acted.


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