The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man is a character made for 3D and in his sophomore outing, Marc Webb has only gotten better as the director of this new franchise with better action sequences but yet not losing the emotional core thanks to the sizzling chemistry of his 2 leading stars: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Hopefully, he does not get struck by Raimi's curse in the next outing.

Webb's directing is a lot more sharper here. The plot is tighter and the action sequences are cleaner. It moves along on a good pace and unlike other superhero films, the romantic subplot does not slow it down (more below). However, there are still some scenes that are ridiculous and extraneous. The introduction of Harry Osbourne was too hamfisted as were the management of OsCorp in general. (Who's Felicia??? Should I care about her?) Perhaps this time screenwriters Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Jeff Pinkner are less to blame since offhand there ain't that much illogicality. I mean there are some as usual with these 3 but nothing too glaring. Or it could be my headache. 

As in the first film, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone absolutely sizzled on screen and their chemistry was electrifying (heh!). It just that simple. Yet so hard to get right in all these superhero shows where the Romantic subplot weighs it all down: RDJ and Goop, Cap and Carter, Thor and Jane. That emotional core is the heart of this film. And that is what makes this spidey outing a cut above the others. That and a slightly more interesting main villain in Jamie Foxx's Electro. At least this time round, the writers did try to explore more about why the villain is a villain. Although that got quickly turned around when Harry Osbourne was brought into the scene.

Dane DeHaan is a rising star to look out for. It is not easy to get out James Franco's shadows, and at moments you can glimpse fragments of Franco in DeHann's portrayal of Harry. However, one thing to his favour is the bromantic chemistry that DeHaan and Garfield has that Franco and Tobey Maguire lacked. And it is because of this chemistry that made the rather off-putting introduction of Harry slightly more tolerable.

The soundtrack was very interesting. It is Hans Zimmer in a way that we have seldom heard him as he and the Magnificent Six (which includes Pharrell Williams) gave us a very electronic, bass-heavy score that somehow befitted the movie. Marvel needs to learn from this and shell out the big bugs for a better OST!

3D is definitely a plus! IMAX will be good (although my IMAX did not show the much-touted X-Men post-credits scene!!!)


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