Transformers: Age of Extinction [IMAX/3D]

For a movie such as this, the only way to even enjoy it is to go in with low expectations. Come on, this is a Michael Bay action/summer popcorn/explosives bonanza - and it is unabashedly so - and also a follow-up to two incredibly bad sequels. Embrace all that and this was a fairly enjoyable movie.

Sure, at 165 minutes it was possibly 30 to 45 minutes too long, but giving credit where credit is due, Bay is one of the best action-directors out there and also one of the best user of wide-angle cinematography (together with cinematographer Amir Mokri)

T4: AOE started off promising, but in the end it got weighed down by too much sameness within one movie. The explosives did not get bigger, neither did the destruction or mayhem. Pacific Rim destroyed Hong Kong more beautifully than this boring depiction. It was as if even Bay himself got bored towards the final third.

Of course the poorly written script (by Ehren Kruger) and general bad acting did not help matters. Thankfully we had the always reliable Stanley Tucci providing comedic relief towards the end; Kelsey Grammer chewing the scenery as if he was still on Boss; and character actor Titus Welliver providing some necessary badass-ness.

Do not think too hard on the plot holes. It will just hurt your brain. Just accept the fact that one can drive from Beijing to Hong Kong overnight.

Definitely will not be surprised if we get a T5. Get ready for more blatantly shameless product placements!

The prologue was really, really well done. That scene alone was worth the IMAX and 3D experience. If you can accept all the flaws, then splurge on IMAX and 3D. They were quite well utilised here. Steve Jablonsky's by now recognisable Transformers theme will definitely benefit from a good sound system.


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