The Mysteries of Laura

Pilot: I will admit that I had never watched Will & Grace but, other than her scarves, Debra Messing was rather charismatic on Smash, so I approached this seemingly procedural drama with a bit of trepidation. Usually I am not a fan of criminal procedurals, however if done right, they can be range from absolutely brilliant and mind-blowing like Hannibal (which admittedly became less procedural) to good and interesting like Elementary and the late, under-rated Prime Suspect. But the key to the aforementioned shows is the fascinating and riveting chemistry the main cast has. So can Laura do the same? The case-of-the-week itself was rather silly and does not really involve the audience, so is that a hint for the future? Where the case itself is secondary to the drama of Messing's messy life? She definitely has the screen charisma to carry it off and Josh Lucas as her soon-to-be-or-maybe-not ex husband and her have good chemistry together (he as eye candy does help too). As for side-kicks, detective aide Max Jenkins is quirky enough like a young Giovanni Ribisi to be entertaining in small doses; Janina Gavankar provides the female sex appeal but her character needs more reason rather than just being antagonistic to Messing. Definitely watchable at the moment just to see in which direction this series will evolve towards to.


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