Boyhood [SQ Inflight Entertainment]

Possibly the best movie of 2014 thus far, and this is saying a lot considering that it was out in Summer and I had only just watched it in Fall.

Amazing, epic and ambitious scope by writer/director Richard Linklater that was matched only by its heart and sincerity. Narratively, it was rather weak but taken as a whole it showed a rare heartfelt glimpse into the growth of a child.

Granted that character development was not significant for many of the characters of the show, but our titular hero was a boy who grew up (over 12 years) into a man and this movie was a depiction of that passage. In many respects this was like the Up series.

Patricia Arquette provided the anchor for the series as the main adult figure for which the parent-child relationship resolved, and she held herself well as we see the changes to her life over the 12 years.

Ethan Hawke was also present throughout the movie and his character gave the boy a father-figure to look up to and possibly even aspire. Again, we see how a parent-child relationship can mould a child's growth.

Ellar Coltrane was a breath of fresh air and his innocence, and the lost of that innocence, was a treat to watch in this real-time, time-lapse film. Similarly, Lorelai Linklater - as the elder sister - grew up in front of us over 2.5 hours, although her character was more generic.

I doubt both the show and Richard Linklater would be forgotten come Oscar time, but whether it will win over the more showy titles is anybody's guess.


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