Pilot: To be fair, I do not really know much about Constantine the DC comic that this is based on, and as for the Keanu Reeves movie back in 2005, I vaguely remembered that it was entertaining for a Keanu Reeves movie. Anyways, Matt Ryan seems like a good fit thus far, although surprisingly un-british enough: his Constantine needs to be a bit more sardonic and deadpanned (Johnny Lee Miller's Sherlock in Elementary comes to mind, but less eccentric). Thankfully, the show is losing Lucy Griffith's Liv. Unfortunately she really did not fit the show, seemingly awkward and lacking chemistry with Ryan. There were some good scares in this pilot - kudos to director Neil Marshall - and hopefully the show runners can maintain that level of creepiness. However, David S. Goyer remains one of the most over-rated writer in Hollywood. His script was the second weakest link (after Griffith) with pokey dialogue and clunky exchanges. The idea is there but the execution lacked polish. Hopefully it can remain watchable until Hannibal returns.

Episode 1 - 7: The show has steadily improved, and Matt Ryan is an engaging protagonist. He makes Constantine relatable but yet symptathetic. More back history would be fun, and the show really shines when they focused more on the "rising darkness" plot-line involving God and The First of The Fallen (a hypothesis). Angelica Celaya is a better match for Ryan, however her character needs more growth and history; similarly her powers needs to be more defined. Currently she is more there to move the narrative along. Same thing for Charles Halford whose character - Chas - is more interesting than Zed. Then lastly, we have Harold Perrineau's Manny who is underused and over-enigmatic.


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