An absolute feel-good family entertainment for everybody in the family! From the cynical gramps to the romantic teenage girl to the all-loving matriache and business pops. You will laugh and cry, wring your hands in fear and anticipation and ultimately feel your heart swell in size.

Ben Whishaw was pitch-perfect as the voice of Paddington, infusing in him a childlike sense of awe and discovery tinged with a sort of grown up weariness of life. And as we follow him in his journey, we cannot help but feel a connection with him and that's an amazing accomplishment by director/writer Paul King and co-writer Hamish McColl; and the animation team. 

The supporting cast were also perfectly cast. From Hugh Bonneville to Sally Hawkins as the Browns, Peter Capaldi playing against type and a deliciously evil Nicole Kidman who's much better here than as Mrs Coulter in "The Golden Compass". 

Excellent music by Nick Urata which aptly illustrated the inner world of Paddington.


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