The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

A romantic love story for the grown-up Gen X-ers. Brilliantly acted by all involved but narratively this felt a bit disjointed and I think the individual stories: TDOER: Him and TDOER: Her may be better in telling a more rounded story.

Writer/Director Ned Benson and editor Kristina Boden did a great job in weaving together this simple, yet character-ly complex, story, giving us an insight to the love story of the main characters from both points of view. However, in doing so, it may have lost a bit of the nuanced story-telling that would have had provided more insight to the characters and the choices they make.

Narratively, Benson did not really explore new grounds. The movie itself reminded me of Nicole Kidman's Rabbit Hole meets Ryan Gosling/Michelle William's Blue Valentine, both thematically and plot-wise.

Kudos to Jessica Chastain. She was mesmorising as the titular character. A fine performance as she navigated the tumultuous sea of emotions that her character goes through, and often in an introspective and internalised manner. But, Chastain managed to show all that internal struggle and emotions externally, so that, as audience, we are never really un-engaged with her.

Chastain scenes were mainly with the always-brilliant Viola Davis, and real-life best friend/underrated actress Jess Weixler. They both play brilliantly off her. William Hurt and Isabelle Huppert as the parents gave heart-wrenching scenes.

On the other side, we have James McAvoy. His character is a lot different from Chastain's. He is more reactive, externalised, and McAvoy was equally fascinating to watch.  He had less stellar playmates to spar with, but his scenes with Ciaran Hinds were quiet and reflective, which gave some insight to the man he is. With Bill Hader, on the other hand, it was more comic relief.

Overall, a different kind of love story for my generation that rang more true than idealistic.

Would love to watch Him/Her.


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