Jupiter Ascending [IMAX/3D]

Disclaimer: I really liked Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas.

You need to go in to this film with the right attitude and expectations, and when you do, the 127 minutes could be entertaining. No doubt the Wachowskis' latest is laughingly bad, but admist all the clunky dialogue, wooden acting and ludicrously large plot holes, the story concept itself was interestingly fresh and original, Michael Giacchino's score was fantastic and the special effects were cool - albeit nothing groundbreaking.

The Wachowskis have created a world and story that is grand in scope and deep in history, but unfortunately, their vision is limited by the screen time. Many things just happen and scenes start in media res. Jupiter Ascending would definitely benefit more as a mini-series or as a graphic novel, or even a trilogy, just so that they could flesh out the characters more and provide more details into the backstory. Maybe Peter Jackson should have been hired!

It is a pity that the special effects were not more outstanding. Most of them were seen before, but at least the action sequences were exciting and well directed, almost reminiscent of the adrenaline-pumping Speed Racer and other recent space operas like Guardians of the Galaxy, however it was mired by poor scripting.

The Wachowskis need to relinquish the script writing to better writers; Cloud Atlas benefitted from that (and David Mitchell's source material). Too much clunky dialogue and heavy exposition, and unless everybody is like Sean Bean, it is going to be hard to carry off.

Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum were basically sleep walking through the film, then again, other than her Oscar nominating role in Black Swan, Kunis has yet to impress (again) and Tatum was rightfully passed over this year for Foxcatcher. It also did not help that Tatum looked more like an escapee from Middle Earth than an associate of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Poor future Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne must be praying very hard this film does not undermine his chances on Oscar night. Even he could not chew enough of the scenery to save his scenes. Douglas Booth is pretty and may be a potential heartthrob on the rise. Tuppence Middleton was in The Imitation Game and thankfully her role was largely forgettable and only moderately laughable.

Bean did not die, but neither was he very useful. 

And James D'Arcy is here too! First on Agent Carter and then Broadchurch S2...he's everywhere!

Giacchino's score was a highlight. As usual, lots of big brass to heighten the excitement, and even some choral singing to suggest the otherworldly-ness of the aliens. Like most of his work, the end score was a delight to listen to as the credits rolled.

The Wachowskis should consider migrating this idea to another medium to maximise the potential storytelling.


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