Kingsman: The Secret Service [SQ Inflight Entertainment]

This was a fun and entertaining romp as long as Colin Firth was on screen, with great action choreography and snappy British quips.

It started off mildly campy but always had its British tongue firmly in cheek, even Samuel L Jackson was besides his usual bad-ass self and brought his game along for the ride. Jack Davenport had a small but highly entertaining role, and Mark Strong remained grossly undervalued.

The action sequences by Matthew Vaughn was very well directed especially Firth’s big show down at the end of the Second Act. Someone needs to make Firth the next Bond when Daniel Craig steps down.

Firth has the best suits in the house. Double-breasted suits are going to make a comeback. But, anyways, Firth has the amazing ability to be funny and yet keep that serious British fa├žade going. This kind of suave, Bond-ish roles, with a side of humour and wry, is made for him – more so than the serious, Oscar-baiting roles which he too tackles with aplomb.

Taron Egerton played the young recruit and although he was interesting enough, not enough time was spent to develop his character to make him a strong character to anchor the Third Act, nor make his final show down climatic enough

A fun ride that would have been worth it to watch on a big screen.


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