Mad Max: Fury Road

Update (9 July 2015): Caught it again on IMAX 3D, and - boy! - it was worth it! IMAX was spectacular and the 3D really added to the depth of the cinematography. The action scenes were still just as exhilarating!

A bit late to the show, but this was a great film, even if measured beyond a Summer blockbuster yardstick! This film was exhilarating, exciting and gorgeously stylish throughout its whole 120 minutes which was barely felt.

George Miller has a very interesting eye for the visuals and action choreography. He and cinematographer John Seale created many gorgeously sumptuous images with both wide-angled and close-ups. The intense action scenes barely let up from start to end, and it is to Miller's credit that none of the sequences were messy. And this was also despite the tonally similar palette.

Kudos also to Junkie XL for the music. The drums and bass really enhanced the adrenaline pumping thrills from the screen.

The story - also by Miller - was deceptively simple and yet believable. The narrative punctuates the action in this instance and not the other way around, and when it slows down, it was never boring or tedious. Miller made full use of each downtime to forward the story/characters - even the kooky love-story.

But all that would be for naught if Miller did not have an excellent cast to start with, and one requirement the main cast seemed to have was that their eyes must be expressive. There was minimal dialogue in this films - not much time for talking amidst all the action.

Tom Hardy brood his way throughout and though with minimal lines, we are actually able to empathise with him.

This movie was really more about Charlize Theron's story. It is like a Mad Max vignette where our titular hero stumbled into another protagonist's life. Theron was pretty and tough and ably held her own.

Nicholas Hoult has one of the bluest eyes in the industry, and those definitely held him to stand out. Even Rosie Huntington-Whitely had her best role in this movie.

But definite standout was Hugh Keays-Byrne as the antagonist. He and his crazy-eyes!

This would have been excellent on an IMAX screen and 3D may or may not add value.

Best overall movie of the summer! Yes, I think it was better than Avengers: Age of Ultron.


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