A scare-less horror movie that paled in comparison to the original.

This was a remake that basically just updated the story to the 21st century: with Apple products, flat screen TVs and drones. However, it lacked the creepy atmospheric feeling of the 1982 original and the few scares that it had was due to jump cuts and the always effective clown-dolls.

The trailer of Insidious III that played before the movie had more scares than this movie itself.

The clown-poster above is also scarier than anything in the movie, which is kind of sad considering that it's about poltergeist and not scary-possessed clowns.

The original movie itself was scary because of the build-up to the capture of the youngest girl, but in this update, there were barely any hauntings in the beginning, and we were told the background to the house almost straight-up.

Poor Sam Rockwell seemed almost as exasperated as us in dealing with the whole situation; Rosemarie DeWitt too.

There were many made-for-3D shots but I do not think even those moments would have added to the appeal of the movie.  


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