Terminator: Genisys

A total reboot of the franchise that was entertaining and obviously built to hopefully start off a new franchise, but it lacked the grit and adrenaline of the first two or the charisma and action of Christian Bale's Terminator Salvaation. Although Arnold gamely hammed it up and was one of the few bright spots.

Alan Taylor is a competent director but based on what he did for Thor: The Dark World and this, he still need to brush up on his pacing and action choreography. And also to get the most out of his actors. There were not really any images or set pieces that stood out which was disappointing for a summer action blockbuster, and when the story slowed down for some exposition or pre-requisite romance building the whole film felt draggy. 

Furthermore, with the child-friendly ratings, Taylor had to do weird things with the camera angles and lighting to block off any hint of nudity or blood. It kind of became too jarring and then just plain silly. 

Story wise, an interesting way to reboot the franchise but way too much plot holes and contrivances that weren't really explained. A better writer and director will surely be needed if there was to be a sequel. In the end, it was better to stop thinking too much and just follow the explosions.

Then we have the cast. Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney had no chemistry. 

Clarke may be believable as Khaleesee but absolutely not as Sarah Connor - a role made so iconic by Linda Hamilton! She was too clean and too pristine throughout. No sweat, no stains, no blood and not a hair out of place. 

Courtney is like an action version of Channing Tatum: a muscular jock with a weird face that somehow Hollywood wants us to think is handsome and can act but the truth is that he really ain't and can't. 

Jason Clarke was possibly more entertaining but his character was more of an headache if too much thought was put into his motivations and purpose. 

Poor Matt Smith was wasted. 

At least we will always have Arnold. What a man! He got the best lines and really just hammed it all up such that he was really the bright spot throughout. 

IMAX and 3D was not really worth it.


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