Pilot: CBS has jumped into the superheroes pool and has wisely decided to make a splash by centering on a female superhero, but - damn it! - you don't have to keep drumming that point in throughout the whole pilot do you? And you can't even give a good reason why she is called "supergirl". From the co-creators of The CW's DC-shows - the fun The Flash and the dark Arrow - the pilot of Supergirl has gotten most things right straight out of the bat. Melissa Benoist was surprisingly well cast and she brings with her a lovable and refreshing charm. Our titular heroine actually loves her power, the people around her all knows she has power - even the potential love interests which is refreshing - and so far the rest of the cast are appealing with an outstanding Calista Flockhart especially.  But it will be interesting to see how the supporting cast will be integrated into the action/drama - which was one thing that both Arrow and The Flash did very well - and how CBS will differ from The CW (NBC's Constantine did not fare as well, ratings wise, despite being a fun show to watch). Otherwise, the pilot was interesting enough to stay tune for the next episode. Here's hoping CBS does not turn this into another run-of-the-mill procedural.

Episode 2, "Stronger Together": Benoist's cute and over-earnest demeanor is already getting slightly annoying and none of the characters seem to have great chemistry together. Literally, they looked like the actors are finding their footing together as much as the characters. The clunky dialogue does not help matters too. But at least our heroine as already met the Big Bad which is refreshing.


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