Pilot: ABC's new show might be the best of this season's lot. In the vein of "How To Get Away With Murder", we are treated to a mystery in the future with clues in the flashbacks. Like "Murder", the cast are all fairly fresh-faced (and pretty) individuals with some old familiar faces to keep the viewers grounded. And although Priyanka Chopra is not as big a star as Viola Davis in the States, she is a big deal in Bollywood. Similarly, it also bears the question: how would it sustain itself beyond one season?

Episode 2, America: Some new faces and a certain amount of character retcon were introduced. But at least it worked. Although the focus on Chopra's sexuality/sensuality is getting too overt. But the suspects are genuinely getting more interesting in both their personal lives and how they may figure into the larger mystery.

Episode 3, Cover: A less exciting episode but it did serve up a nice surprise or two. However, after two episodes of the trainees, I thought this would be the time to provide a bit more insight to the trainers. Why is Miranda helping Alex? Although I do appreciate that the romantic entanglements are not the main focus.

Episode 4, Kill: The nine months of training in Quantico is really becoming very interesting. It may actually be more engaging then who bombed Grand Central Station. And the rest of the main cast/trainees are really stepping up especially Simon and Shelby. Is Nimah being setup for Season two?

Episode 5, FoundThis is slowly getting more and more preposterous. They need to set up the timeline better. Although it will be interesting to see how the "good guys" will win against the "less good guys". But again, I'm more interested in the past than the present and not for the clues to solving the mystery but for the dynamics of the cast. That is the greatest strength of this show. 


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