Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

A one-off screening of the much loved (and missed) Sherlock series, this Christmas/New Year special was everything the TV series was and translated very well onto the big screen. Although it truly did not advance the serial’s main plotline, it was an effective one-off, case-of-the-week story telling that kept its fans happy and any new viewers satisfied (the recapped definitely helped).
The dialogue was quick and witty and machine-gunned out with aplomb and gusto by all its stars. The humour was spot on and there was a healthy amount of verbal and physical comedy. The direction was superb with outstanding work on set designs, costumes, music and cinematography.
The central plot/narrative on the hand was fairly straightforward. The case itself drew comparison with Season 3’s explanation of how Sherlock’s faked his own death. The initial explanation of why it was set in Victorian times was great and truly unexpected (for someone who had strictly avoided all spoilers), however, the constant slipping in and out of time thereafter felt cheapened and reduced that tension and authenticity of the later scenes.
The theatrical release was bookended by Steven Moffatt’s introduction of Holmes’ Victorian set design and Mark Gatiss’ cast interview. The former was a fun insight to production design and the thought that goes into it and the latter was just fan service.


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